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Waste Management

Services available from Sustain Ltd

Waste Management

Sustain Ltd provides a range of services related to cost effective waste management, legislative compliance and training.

Sustain Ltd personnel have decades of combined experience in their specialist fields within Environmental Management, Health and Safety.

Having worked professionally in the areas in which we offer consultancy and training, we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the client in relation to a cost effective and practical service.

Staff CVs are available upon request. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Waste Sampling, Testing & Classification

Classification of wastes as inert, non-hazardous and hazardous is fundamental to the waste management industry. Producers can realise significant cost savings through accurate classification and management of waste streams. Sound understanding of the chemistry involved, coupled with years of industry experience, enables our staff to simplify the process.

Whether the waste is construction based soils for transfer offsite, residues from commercial or industrial processes or non-recoverable materials from waste management facilities we can design and implement a sampling, testing and classification regime to ensure legislative compliance and cost efficiency.

Waste Facility Licensing, Permitting and Exemption

Increasingly stringent legislative control on Waste Management facilities and activities is reflected in the licensing process. License or exemption applications and modifications, and reporting for compliance with license conditions, are standard components of our work for clients. Our strategy is to make the process as simple as possible.

Waste Auditing

The driver for an external waste audit may be legislative or EMS compliance, for example an audit of transfer or consignment documentation. Equally, the identification of opportunities to reduce waste costs by minimisation or alternative transfer options is powerful incentive. Whatever the rationale, we will analyse your waste management costs and procedures to improve the standard of cost effective waste management in your organisation.

Waste Brokerage

Practical market knowledge of the waste management industry throughout the UK can be invaluable for producers in minimising waste management costs. Our waste brokerage service enables clients to take advantage of advice on achieving market leading disposal solutions, based upon our waste industry knowledge of the most cost effective solutions for in-situ or ex-situ waste management.

WAMITAB CoTC Assessment

Driven by legislative obligations, staff at Waste Management Facilities must undertake the NVQ/SVQ based professional qualification. We provide WAMITAB assessors for waste facilities, with expert waste industry experience to ensure that client staff develops the strongest possible portfolio for submission and assessment and benefits from advice from experienced professionals.

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