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First Aid

Training by Sustain Ltd

First Aid

Training by Sustain Ltd

A First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) accredited training provider, Sustain Ltd has provided First Aid training to a range of clients throughout the UK since 2008.


Our First Aid at Work courses fulfil the needs of employers to meet the requirements, for adequate and appropriate provision of first aiders in the workplace, of:

  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981
  • The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1982 (as amended)


Our trainers and assessors include former and practising NHS staff, Health & Safety professionals, teachers and workplace and event first aiders.

Our training approach is engaging, hands-on and consistently commented upon by our clients.

With bases in Moira (Northern Ireland), Gosport (Hampshire) and Ayr (Scotland), training is available at client or third party venues and, in addition, we can accommodate groups at our own premises in Moira, Northern Ireland.


First Aid at Work (3 Day)

The 3 Day FAW course is suitable for larger employers or higher risk environments and involves a practical and written assessment on day 3 to test competency in CPR, blood loss and unconscious casualties. The course is First Aid Industry Body accredited and is certified for 3 years upon successful completion.


First Aid at Work Refresher (2 Day)

A 2 day refresher course is available for certificate holders wishing to extend their qualification for a further 3 years. The course refreshes the topics covered in the 3 day course, and includes the associated practical and written assessment. The training is accredited by the First Aid Industry Body.


Emergency First Aid at Work (1 Day)

This training is suitable for smaller employers or lower risk environments and comprises a condensed version of the 3 day syllabus. The course is accredited by the First Aid Industry Body, certified for 3 years upon successful completion and is assessed by trainer observation throughout.


CPR & Defibrillator Training (3 hour)

This training focuses upon the management of non-breathing casualties and includes CPR and use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). It is suitable for employers or organisations with an onsite AED, or as an annual skills refresher. Upon successful completion, the course is certified for 3 years by Sustain Ltd.


Outdoor/Sports First Aid

1 and 2 day courses are available for sports and outdoor groups, which focus upon specific first aid issues related to these activities. We have delivered courses for groups including kayaking clubs, boxing and mma gyms, adventure racing, football clubs and karting tracks, with elements bespoke to their individual environments and consistent with governing body or insurance requirements. The training is certified for 3 years by Sustain Ltd.


For further details on any of our courses, email