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Expert Witness & Research

by Sustain Ltd

Expert Legal Research & Witness

services by Sustain Ltd

Sustain Ltd provides expert reporting and research services to the legal profession. The ability to identify and isolate relevant, scientific data and provide concise summary reports as the basis for compiling a body of evidence is a service increasingly sought after for cases involving both civil and criminal proceedings.

In addition, our experience of working within the regime of Environmental Regulation lends advantage to clients facing enforcement or prosecution. We can assemble legal representaion, from Solicitor to QC level, and work with such professionals on behalf of clients in order to present the soundest mitigation at either Magistrate or Crown Court level.

We have an excellent record in consulting on prosecution cases and appeals, providing concise summary of Waste and Environmental specific sampling and analysis data in relation to assessment of Environmental Risk in the context of UK and Irish Statute.

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