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Services provided by Sustain Ltd

Environmental Management

Sustain Ltd provides a range of services related to legislative compliance and improvement of environmental performance.

IPPC/Environmental Permitting

Sustain Ltd can provide support on permit applications, variations, transfer, surrender, and on monitoring and reporting to the regulator. Permits are a legislative requirement for activities deemed potentially high risk to the environment to operate above an established output threshold.

Environmental Monitoring

Sampling, testing and reporting on Groundwater, Surface Water, Landfill Gas and Leachate required under PPC Permit, Waste Management Licence, Environmental Permit or Contaminated Land Investigation.

Planning Applications & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental input into planning applications and refusal or enforcement appeals, liaison with the regulator and specialism in Waste Management Facilities and Contaminated Land form the basis of our technical services in relation to development of land. Screening, scoping and Environmental Statements for Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 EIA developments are part of our portfolio of services where Environmental and Planning disciplines interact.

We manage projects from initial contact with the regulator, through the EIA process and submission of the Planning Application through to management of any Environmental conditions where Planning is approved.

Surface Water Discharge & Quality

Discharge consent applications or modifications, to surface water or sewer, and regulator liaison can be undertaken. In addition, we can provide sampling, analysis and interpretive reporting to ensure compliance with discharge parameter limits, whether as a singular authorisation or part of wider Emissions Limit Values monitoring under Environmental Permitting/PPC.

Post-Conviction Support

Developments in licensing legislation have led to Environment Agency requirements that Post-Conviction proposals to demonstrate how Environmental Protection will be maintained are submitted. Where an officer of a company, or an individual trader, has been prosecuted Sustain Ltd can develop such plans to prevent variation or revocation of a licence or permit.


Environmental training is becoming increasingly prominent as EU driven legislation evolves. Many operational and H&S professionals have undertaken environmental management responsibilities are part of their job remit.

Sustain Ltd is a NEBOSH Centre (Approved Centre No: 995), and our staff deliver :

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

NEBOSH Award in Health & Safety at Work

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